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    • Which Blinds Work Best In Each Room?


      Finding the perfect window treatment match for each room shouldn’t be decided blindly (excuse the pun ;)). Each room in your house has different needs and factoring in light control, privacy needs, warmth, and waterproof features are important! We’re here to lend a hand in the decision making process.


      Q:      Which blinds work best for the kitchen?

      A:      The kitchen, also known as the heart of the home. The blinds in this area need to be durable and strong for all that goes on; they are up against steam, water, cooking smells and splatters. This means they need to be waterproof, easily cleanable, and flame retardant. As wood does not fare well in damp areas, go for faux wood if you are after the timber look.The Blinds City PVC venetian blinds are an ideal alternative. They are strong, water resistant, won’t stain, and the colour will not fade. Alternatively, PVC plantation shutters (available in ivory shades) offer a stylish and functional window treatment.


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      Roller blinds are also a viable option for the kitchen, as they are easy to clean, waterproof and versatile. Blinds City roller blinds are made of 100% polyester that include mould and mildew protection. Simply wipe clean with warm soapy water and a damp cloth, too easy!


      Q:     Which blinds work best in a bathroom ?

      A:     Bathrooms, like kitchens, require moisture resistant blinds. The steam and water splashes that the blinds will no doubt encounter may damage the blinds, if the correct material is not chosen. Timber absorbs moisture and bends and often isn’t a viable option in damp conditions. Also, to avoid any awkward encounters with neighbours, privacy is a priority.


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      We recommend faux wood or aluminium venetian blinds, as they hold in some heat and are water resistant. With the quick tilt of the blades the outside world is shut out, hello privacy! Rust free and durable, they are an extremely strong and versatile option!

      Cellular (honeycomb) shades, are also perfect for this area as they are easy to clean and energy efficient. The honeycomb pockets trap warm air, making coming out of a hot shower a little less harder. Privacy is maximised as you can adjust the height of the blinds to suit your needs.


      Q:     Which blinds work best for the living room?

      A:      Your living room needs to be liveable. Duh. Your blinds contribute to this by giving you control over the amount of privacy and light in the room. For example, if you have blinds that give you a lot of control over how much (and when) light comes in, it can reduce the glare on your television (win!), and also stop harmful UV rays entering the room and damaging your furniture and flooring. Consider roller blinds which come in three different materials with varying degrees of privacy and light control. Roman blinds always look chic in living areas and are available in blackout fabrics to ensure total privacy in a huge variety of colours to suit your existing interior.


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      Timber blinds, available as plantation shutters or venetian blinds, are heat resistant and energy efficient window coverings. This means that in summer the room is cool, and in winter it is cosy. If the window in question does receive a lot of direct sunlight, avoid fabric and timber blinds as they may fade, warp and bend over time.

      If you have large sliding doors, consider panel glides or vertical blinds. Both allow easy access and offer great privacy and light control.


      Q:      Which blinds work best for a bedroom?

      A:       Your bedroom is a place of rest and should be cosy and practical. Blinds are always a good addition in any bedroom, they add to the room’s energy efficiency and temperature control. Depending on your budget and preferred interior style, there is a large range to choose from at Blinds City.


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      Block out roller blinds result in complete cave-like darkness, giving you the environment for a perfect sleep in or day time nap. Duo roller blinds are also an option. A combination of blackout and sunscreen roller blinds allow complete control over privacy and light control, best of both worlds!

      If you want ultimate blind luxury and comfort, have you thought of motorised roller blinds? It means not having to get up to close the blinds, convenience at its best!

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