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    • Things To Do Before Buying Any Blinds

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      We’ve previously talked about things to consider before buying blinds online, this is part II. Moving on from considerations such as style, material, window, light and privacy control, and children, there are some other things you can do to ensure that the blinds (and your blinds company) you choose delivers on your needs.


      1. Compile a mood board of blinds you like the look of

      Compiling a mood board or a wish list of blinds that you would like in your home has probably been in the back of your mind for a while. We love sourcing inspiration from Pinterest, where you can sneak a peek inside interiors all over the world. Instagram is also a good way to speak inspiration and ideas on what the blinds in your ideal home look like. Not only do the blinds need to be functional, if they’re pretty and styled to your home, bonus!


      1. Determine what you want out of your blinds 

      Shading your home from the sun, duh? There’s so much more to consider when determining what you want out of your blinds. Living room opening on a big road where people can easily look in? Noisy neighbours? Where does the sun come in in the morning and afternoon? Investor looking for industry standard blinds? Whilst each blind does have the basic function of blocking out light, there are reasons to choose certain blinds over others. For example, cellular blinds are very good at blocking out sound (such as a busy highway) and roller blinds are more appropriate for investors as they are considered industry standard blinds. We custom make our blinds to your specifications so are confident it will be a perfect fit.


      Roller blinds in the bathroom!

      1. Decide your financial and time budget 

      Cost: the prime factor in choosing blinds, of course. Each type of blind comes with a different price tag. From vertical blinds to plantation shutters, and everything in between, costs vary. By buying online you are saving a mass amount of cash! Whether to go full installation service (such as what offers ????) or DIY (weekend project!) is another option to factor in. Installing yourself is easy (on the budget and skill level-wise), however does require some tools. Myth busted: affordable blinds do exist.


      1. Check out price competitiveness 

      Shop around! There are a tonne of online and offline blinds companies around. In saying that, at we are a competitive bunch and are determined to beat any other price you can find offered!  


      1. Check out reviews online 

      A smart option when shopping online for blinds, or any product for that matter, is to check out customer reviews. See what others are saying about the company dealings, product, delivery, installations and after product care. Check out our Facebook page, Instagram feed, Pinterest and review our reviews!


      1. Check out customer photos that display products 

      What do the blinds actually look like?

      Blinds City Customer Installation

      Blinds City Customer Installation

      1. Review warranty and refund policies

       What if something goes wrong down the track or during the installation process? How can you be assured that the product won’t fall apart on its first anniversary in your home? We are so confident in our product and manufacturer, Blinds city offers a five year warranty on all products and 14 day money back guarantee on ready made product if something goes wrong in the installation process (given the measurements are right).


      1. Order fabric and colour samples 

      Lastly, make use of the free fabric and colour samples you can order! Before committing to custom made blinds, it’s a good idea to see and feel what your blinds will be made out of. Colours sometimes look different in real life to screens and may have a different texture than you imagined.



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