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    • The 2016 Window Treatment Trends You Need To Know

      The window treatment trends everybody needs to know in 2016 to get the most affordable dreamy windows.

      “Your home should tell the story of who you are and be a collection of what you love” – our favourite quote from Nate Berkus that reminds us what our homes are really about: a place of comfort and full of our unique personalities.

      Sometimes, bringing out those personalities in your interiors can be difficult. You don’t know where to start! Trust us, we know that home decoration can be a lengthy process. Don’t worry if it takes months.

      We recommend getting started with your window treatments as it’s one of the biggest features in your home, besides wall colours. But more importantly, a change of window dressing is the easiest and most cost effective way to refresh a space. A simple change of window blinds and shutters, from colour to different textiles, can give your home a complete new look.

      Before jumping into planning your new window blinds’ customisation, here are our 2016’s favourite and most exciting treatment design trends to incorporate into your home decor.


      Minimalism is all about creating chic looks with simple, clean lines to enhance the possibilities of any space. Think: less is more!

      A popular and timeless solution is to use roller blinds, which offer a softer, sleeker look and doesn’t give a heavy presence in the room as compared to drapes. Roller blinds are the perfect choice for the minimalist, offering a range of functionality from sheer to full block out so you don’t have to sacrifice your privacy, yet they can be easily rolled away to minimize design impact.

      The minimalistic design works especially well in cozy homes and apartments, as cleaner details tend to make the rooms look less cluttered and more spacious. Go with blacks, whites and greys to set up the base of the minimalistic look.

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      Metallic Details

      2016 is the year of metallic surfaces. Copper, rose gold, silver and bronze metallic accents are popular choices in line with this trend, and blends well with darker neutral tones, such as charcoal and slate.

      Metallic accents, through furnishings and window treatment choices, can easily transform a room from drab to glam. Check out our aluminium venetian blinds, which are a sure-fire way to incorporate this trend, yet also provide a timeless and affordable solution.

      Onyx Star and Brushed Aluminium in our Custom Made Venetian Blinds range range can be used as your source of inspiration for this trend. Get unlimited samples of your desired colours to see and feel them before nailing this trend with the rest of your interiors.

      Natural Finishes and Textures

      Much of 2016 interior design trends are dominated by nature inspired textures and colours. This trend features a neutral palette, softer fabrics and linen looks, and is all about bringing the outside in. The answer to this trend, Roman Blinds!

      Roman blinds can create a soft and elegant ambience, whilst also adding another interesting layer of texture and sophistication. Earthy tones, such as those featured in Pyrite and Paperbark roman blinds, are versatile and can easily work with all the colours in a room.

      These lighter shades have the power to make a room appear more spacious and warm. Our roman blinds are available in both blockout and light-filtering fabrics, both allowing you to achieve a stylish, textured look and economic benefits.

      Blinds City's Roman Blinds

      Blinds City’s Customised Roman Blinds collection


      What’s the verdict? We’re excited about them all but it has to be you who makes the decision. Remember, your home is simply a reflection of your own personality and a collection of what you love. Buy what you love and it will never go out of style!

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