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      Manufactured in 8-10 working days, plus delivery Australia wide,


      Honeycomb blinds are also known as honeycell, cellular, or shades, due to their unique hexagonal cell structure that allows air to be trapped inside.


      The cell construction makes the designs extremely energy efficient by keeping a consistent indoor temperature reducing heating and cooling costs.


      Designed for the highest possible practicality, our range of honeycomb blinds offer a durable, custom-made option to fit spaces of all kinds. Best of all, our selection includes an assortment of both blockout and light-filtering fabrics – all of which can complement any décor across residential and commercial properties.


      These products are also suitable for any room or space that needs greater heat and sound insulation, such as living rooms and bedrooms.


      Our cellular blinds are safe for your children


      If you have young children at home and are concerned about their safety, installing these window coverings in common areas is the way to go, primarily as they come in cordless varieties.


      You can choose from two types of fabric transparency: blockout or light filtering. These cellular blinds come in several styles to suit your vision, including top down, or bottom up. Ask our consultant if you are not sure which one to choose.




      Choice of quality blockout or light filtering fabrics

      All our fabrics are specifically chosen for their affordable but modern, contemporary and superior quality.



      Provides complete privacy whilst blocking out glare and light.  Highly suitable for room requiring greater privacy and light control such as bedrooms and theatre rooms.


      Light filtering

      Tightly woven fabric allowing a soft level of ambient light.  Whether day or night, light filtering fabric will provide privacy and block out the harshness of sunlight.


      Flexible opening options

      Available in standard/bottom up – raise from the bottom upwards, or top down/bottom up – bring the top of the blind down and the bottom up.


      Slim profile

      Requiring little depth, these cellular blinds take up minimal space and flatten when raised.


      Energy efficient

      Designed to keep you cooler in summer but warmer in winter by trapping air within each cell, creating an effective insulator.


      Privacy and light control

      Easy adjust the amount of light or privacy by raising or lowering these honeycomb blinds.



      Manufactured to comply with Australian Child Safety standards.


      Enjoy a five-year warranty

      Our cellular blinds are covered by a five-year warranty for peace of mind.


      • Minimum width:
      • Maximum width:
      • Minimum drop:
      • Maximum drop:
      • Measurement type:
        Recess or face fit
      • Control positions:
        Left or right side
      • Chain colours:
        White, black or silver metal
      • Aluminium head rail colours:
        White, black, anodised silver, beige, magnolia or birch
      • Accessories:
        Brackets and chain safety guide


      Blinds City products are backed with a five-year warranty.


      We are so confident in our product that we promise to repair, replace or offer a refund if the product fails to operate or has defects in materials or workmanship.


      If your product arrives or presents with damage please contact our support team at and provide your order details and a full description of the issue you are experiencing, including photos if possible.


      Additionally, any refunds or returns towards faulty products will have freight covered, so you can ensure you’ll receive the best possible product without hassle. Additionally, we’ve got your back in the event of any product issue with our 14-day money back guarantee!


      If you have a problem within 14 days of receiving your order and have provided accurate measurements and installed correctly, we will repair your product, or remake it completely. This covers faults and manufacturing errors only.

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