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      NOTE: For recess fit, we automatically deduct measurement allowances for you.
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      Actual Area (sq mm)
      Total Price


      The most traditional Style of Awnings, the Auto Awning runs on auto guides attached to the wall.

      This allows the Awning to stay at a predetermined distance from your window. Which offers air flow to your window to open when the auto awning is down.

      To operate simply pull the Awning straight down and once released the arms lock into place.

      You can DIY or we can check measure and install after your initial measure and order online via


      When measuring for the Drop, If you have room add 250mm extra so the hood box clear the window glass.

      Also with the width we recommend adding 175mm each side for Brick, if it is weatherboard with timber frame then it must go on the window frame.


      • 300mm standard Auto Arms
      • Headbox in colourbond colours
      • Spring operation
      • Mesh Fabric
      • 1 x Pull down Stick

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      Custom Made Outdoor Blinds for Home and Business

      If you’re looking for the ultimate in privacy and convenience, our outdoor blinds are the perfect solution. They’re made to provide a small gap between the blinds and your window. This allows light and air to filter through even when the blinds are shut. That means you can enjoy the fresh air and your privacy!

      This is ideal for businesses and any room in your home where you value both privacy and a bit of fresh air. Don’t worry over finding the right fit, either.  We also offer custom made outdoor blinds. If your outdoor patio is looking a little too bright from inside, it’s time visit Blinds City!

      Easy to Install and Keep Clean

      The first question people ask about outdoor blinds is how do you do you keep them clean. The second is how hard are they to install! With our blinds, both are easily accomplished. They’re made from a mesh fabric that filters out sunlight while drying quickly. It wipes down easily using a standard, mild detergent and dries as it hangs.

      As for installation, we can take care of that for you. If you want DIY outdoor blinds, our step-by-step easy installation guide makes it all possible. With our high-quality blinds, the finished result will look great no matter which option you choose!

      Made to Withstand Heat and Weather

      Outdoor blinds are going to go through far more wear and tear than your standard sort. That’s why it’s important to make sure you go with a product made for heat and weather. We use durable mesh fabrics made for outdoor use in tropical environments. This helps to slow signs of ageing over time and prevents dry rot. However, it’s just not enough to makes sure we’re using a good mesh fabric.

      The internal components that make the Auto Arms feature work also have to be made from strong materials. Otherwise, they’ll break down too quickly and need to be replaced. We don’t sell cheap outdoor blinds online. We sell high-quality and custom-measured blinds at cheap prices! They’re made from strong parts from start to finish and guaranteed to last through years of daily use.

      Cut Down on UV Damage in Your Home or Business

      No matter how strong we make our blinds, they’ll eventually need to be replaced or repaired. Nothing can withstand decades of direct and constant exposure to high levels of sunlight. That includes things within your home. Bright and unrelenting sunlight can wash out colours from paints and wallpapers. It also warps wooden furniture and can damage electronics. Not to mention how hard it is on the eyes!

      You can easily cut down on the costs of sun damage around your home with our DIY custom blinds online. For businesses, custom installation would likely be a better option. Whether you’re ordering for home or business, we’re sure you’ll appreciate how our blinds keep things cool. Temperature control will never be an issue again, and proper blinds can even lower your cost of electric!

      Get started now and experience the convenience of Blinds City online shopping. We have an online chat feature where you can easily reach a customer service representative who will answer any questions you may have. They can even help you decide between custom or DIY installation!

      At Blinds City, we make it easy to buy outdoor roller blinds online. Find out just how easy today!

      Blinds City sells a range of DIY & custom made blinds online, as well as curtains. We have a variety of blinds available for your house, such as outdoor roller blinds and custom made curtains. Browse our website further or contact us for more information.

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      • Minimum width:
      • Maximum width:
      • Maximum drop:
      • Measurement type:
        Face fit on Brick Or Posts
      • Joins
        Fabric Will be joined to achieve least amount of wastage.
      • Head Box Colours:
        White, Black, Woodland Grey, Classic Cream(Primrose ) Stone Beige, Pottery, Heritage Red, Mist Green, Caulfield Green, Mountain Blue, Monument, Paperbark, Jasper
      • Base rail colours:
        To match
      • Accessories:
        1 Pair of Auto Guides 300mm  , 1 x 1500mm Pull Stick per order


      Buy with confidence as this product comes with a 5 Year Warranty (unless otherwise stated in the overview). For more information, please see our Returns Policy.

      Please read our warranty information carefully.

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