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      Our most common roller blind related question: inside or outside mount?

      The way your roller blinds are mounted makes a huge difference to the look of your room and also in regards to the light blocking features of your blind. With the help from the team, it’s easier to create the perfect roller blind look than finding the perfect jeans.

      There are several ways in which you can customise your roller blind installation to maximise its suitability to your window treatment needs. We’ll address the first customisation option, mounting position, today.


      A face fit, AKA an ‘outside mount’, is when the blind is attached to the face of your window architrave. We recommend a face fit onto the architraves for bedroom, other living areas, and bathrooms as face fits allows light blockage and privacy features of blinds to be maximised. No light is allowed to peep out as the entire window is covered by the blind. A face fit provides a simple and stylish finish, that makes a window to appear larger than it actually is and allows more flexibility with measurements than recess fits.

      If you do not want the roll showing, you can simply add a pelmet to hide it. Face fits are also suitable when window frames are too shallow or unattractive. Mounted on window frame itself or above, these roller blinds provide greater privacy, light control and make a window appear longer and wider.


      Heidelberg Home ft. double roller blinds (recess and face fit), back roll.

      Heidelberg Home ft. double roller blinds (recess and face fit), back roll.


      A recess fit, AKA an ‘inside mount’, is when the blind sits inside the window frame. The blind sits close to the glass, providing a clean look. Recess fits provide a slick and streamlined look that  emphasises the actual size of your window, and looks great for windows with a deep frame.


      Rest and relax with rollers in bedrooms

      Rest and relax with rollers in bedrooms. Source Pinterest


      Inside fit rollers are neat and tucked away within the recess of your window, but be wary of the light gaps on the sides that result from this type of mounting. We recommend a front roll on recess fits to hide the roll from showing. However, recess fits may not be suitable for your window if you have knobs or handles on your window frame and your window frame is not deep enough; this will cause the tracking of your roller blind to be obstructed and the fabric to jut out. The measurements of recess fit blinds need to be accurate to create the perfect fit, too big or too small will ruin the professional streamlined finish recess fits are intended to create.


      Our team is always on call to help you out when deciding which fit works better for your window treatment situation. Blinds City express custom roller blinds are manufactured in three business days, with delivery available in 1-3 days. The most popular window dressing across most homes and businesses – roller blinds are affordable, versatile and always in-trend.





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