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      Adding plantation shutters can transform the look of your home remarkably. Whether you are after the stained timber look or all white vinyl shutter, you will be amazed at the dramatic effects that plantation shutters add to any room. They are a smart addition to any home provide a classy look and great coverage!

      Plantation shutters are top of the range when it comes to window treatments, but we have made them affordable here at Plantation shutters are customised to fit your windows. We take your measurements and build them perfectly to fit your windows to provide a crisp and clean look. Buying custom made plantation shutters online means you are guaranteed to enjoy greater savings whilst adding value to your home. Unlike most other window treatment options, plantation shutters usually stay with the home, meaning that it is a worthwhile investment.



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      Lets get technical. Blinds city plantation shutters are VOC chemically tested, meaning they do not release toxic chemicals into your home like some other PVC shutters on the market. They are also UV and water resistant, they will not warp and fade over time as they are made to last! Great for in the kitchen or windows with a lot of direct sunlight. When it comes to energy efficient window treatments, timber plantation shutters are you number 1 choice. We use a a high heat absorbing material that will insulate your home very well and can result in a drop in your electricity bill. The energy efficient design of the shutters will mean that when you close them up the house is cool in summer and warm in winter. In addition, we offer five years warranty. We guarantee to repair, replace or offer a refund if the product fails to operate or has defects in material or workmanship.


      The pros of plantation shutters? Well here we go. Plantation shutters provide a classy and stylish look with great coverage. If you have a window that requires high privacy (for example a bathroom or window facing the street), plantation shutters are a great choice because when they are closed, it provides maximum privacy. The width of the slats (ours are 89mm) allows you to control your blinds to your light and privacy needs.

      Plantation shutters also add architectural interest and value to a home.  Buyers love a house with plantation shutters. Custom built they will look like they belong in your home. Furthermore, in terms of cleaning plantation shutters are very low maintenance. While they do collect dust, they are relatively easy to clean. There is no need to take them down or take them to the dry cleaners like you would with some other window treatment options. Whilst it is a more expensive option, shutters will hold up its quality and look great for decades to come. There are practical reasons to spend more on shutters. They are durable  and do not warp, split or peel easily. If you have pets that like to climb on blinds, the shutters are less likely to break.


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      Are there any cons of plantation shutters? Given the design of them, they do block a lot more light. This isn’t a problem if you already have a lot of natural light coming into your home, but may not be suitable if your home is already quite dark.  Unlike other window treatment, plantation shutters are always there. Unlike venetian blinds, for example, you can not raise them, they are always in your view line. This may be reason not to add plantation shutters to a window that boasts a spectacular view.


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      At Blinds City we understand that the prospect of DIY-ing your plantation shutters may seem overwhelming and time consuming, so we have made the buying process easier for you. Simply send us a reference shot of your desired shutters style (there’s a plethora of awesome homes with beautiful plantation shutters), and our consultants will give you appropriate advice to assist your online purchase. We guarantee we will supply you with the best quality and affordable plantation shutters, available in various options and colours to suit the style you are after. Jasper, black walnut and maple are the best sellers in our stained timber shutter range, but you are always welcome to order free samples from us.


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