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      Whether you simply need a small window louvre or a cascade of roller shutters, we at Cheap Plantation Shutters Melbourne are the go-to guys. We have a wide range of products to fit all your needs as well as experts in our field who are always ready to offer technical assistance when required. We always strive to provide the highest quality of work in as little time as possible. Some of the products we manufacture include:

      • Roller shutters- are solid and ideal for security purposes
      • Plantation shutters- have slats/louvres that can be rotated open or closed to control light levels
      • Café style shutters- are popular in restaurants and cover only the bottom half of the window.

      In order to come up with durable, attractive and strong products, we at Cheap Plantation Melbourne use a wide range of materials in the manufacturing process. The shutters also come in a variety of colors which gives the customers an opportunity to choose what best suits or appeals to them. These are fabricated using the latest technologies so as to ensure that all the merchandise is up to the required standards. Among the materials used are:

      • Timber- mainly for plantation shutters
      • Aluminium- used in various kinds of shutters
      • Steel- majorly utilized in producing roller shutters

      We also produce custom-made shutters for our customers. This means that they can have control over and specify each individual component. Therefore, each shutter is made to the specific dimensions of your window or door thus making each installation unique.

      As mentioned earlier, we have professional shutter technicians who provide any assistance to our customers on any issue and are always available. Some of the services we perform are listed below:

      • Installation of shutters- This can be done in the shortest time possible and at affordable rates. As each job is done by an experienced team of professionals, you need not worry about the quality of work done.
      • Pinpointing and repairing of shutters- We do regular checking of shutters as well as performing maintenance activities such as lubricating roller shutters is a key activity. This is to ensure that all shutters are in good working condition as well as finding any problems and repairing them.
      • Removal of shutters- sometimes customers may want to remove the shutters on their windows when they get too old or obsolete. This is where we come in, our company specializes in removal and replacement of shutters.

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