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    • Keep your Plants Thriving Inside with Venetian Blinds

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      One of the top interior design trends for 2016 is bringing the outside in! But the question is, how do we maintain and keep our indoor plants alive and thriving?

      Keeping plants alive inside can be difficult especially if they don’t get enough natural light or on the other hand, they are exposed too much light. Obviously this all depends on the nature of the plant and what environment it thrives in the most.

      There will be areas in your home that are more appropriate than other spaces for plants. When it comes to finding the right place in your home for plants, check the plant label and see what type of light each plant needs and how much it should be getting in a day. Once you have worked out what areas in your house are suitable for plants, the next step is to determine the window treatments are best.

      Most plants need natural light to stay alive, that’s why we recommend Wooden or PVC Venetian Blinds and Shutters. With their open and close slat feature, these blinds allow you to not only provide direct and indirect light, they also allow you to control the amount of light that will hit the plants on a daily basis.

      Another blind solution is double roller blinds. By having three different light filtrations in one blind, this allows you to choose the right balance, depending on the plant requirements and season.

      Overall, the trend of bringing plants indoors is escalating, not only does it add a percentage of natural light to rooms, plants also have a positive effect on the environment.

      There are many options available for window coverings that help you create a green environment in your home.

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