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    • Keep Your Cool This Summer


      It’s December, and in Australia that means it is HOT. At this time of the year A/C’s are in overdrive to try and fight the heat. But, did you know you can reduce the amount of heat coming through bare windows by 70-85% by simply shading them? This may mean plants, eaves, or quite simply blinds! Best of all, you will definitely be cooler this summer, but come winter, you will reduce heat loss as a bonus. Certain window treatments have better heat insulating properties than others, here’s a list of the team’s favourites blinds to insulate the home this summer:

      1. Shutters

      Your number one option if you are after energy efficient window treatments: timber plantation shutters. plantation shutters are made of a high heat absorbing material that will insulate your home, you will notice a remarkable difference! At night simply tilt the blades open to let the cool summer breeze into your home. Customer Installation 1 Customer Installation

     ’s latests addition, eco air shutters, are also an excellent and affordable energy efficient option. Featuring hollow blades, they trap air that will effectively insulate your home.

      2. Curtains

      The ability for curtains to keep the heat out depends a lot on installation. When choosing your curtain colour, keep in mind that dark colours absorb more heat than lighter colours. curtains are made with 100% 3 layer of blockout material that will block the sun coming into your room. Not only does this result in your house being cooler in summer, it also means blissful sleep. As the sun comes up earlier and goes down later, a darkened room is ideal! The white backing is effective in reducing heat gain. Customer Installation 2 Customer Installation

      Be sure to install the curtains as close to the window as possible, and pair with another blind to maximise effectiveness.

      3. Honeycomb Blinds

      Honeycomb blinds, also known as cellular blinds, are highly efficient at insulating a home due to its hollow structure. The design of honeycomb blinds allows little heat through, trapping air in its structure. offers two different types of honeycomb blind material; blockout and light filtering. Blockout fabric is ideal for light control and offers a greater insulating effect, perfect for rooms that receive direct sunlight!

      4. Roller Blinds

      Fact: roller blinds are an affordable, versatile and stylish window treatment option. They are also energy smart, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer. With the option to customise your order to exact window specifications and fabric choice, roller blinds are a good choice in term of function and aesthetically. If you’re looking to maximise use of your roller blinds consider double roller blinds. With the ability to have both light filtering and blockout fabrics, it’s a perfect choice for hot summer months. Customer Installation 3 Customer Installation

      Order now and have your new blinds delivered in the new year, still in time for the hot months ahead!


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