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    • July Feature Blind: Cellular Blinds


      Here in Melbourne, where the headquarters are located, it is chilly to say the least. Winter is the best time to introduce you to the best heat (and sound) insulator around: cellular blinds!

      Also known as honeycomb shades, these blinds feature an unique hexagonal cell structure that traps air inside it’s channels. Inert air is a poor conductor of heat, and so cellular blinds create a temperature barrier between the outside world and the room. The channels of honeycomb insulate the room from soaring temperatures in summer, and the frosty air in winter. It is one of the most energy efficient type of window covering, it will literally pay for itself with the amount of savings on your heating and cooling bills! Furthermore, if you have noisy neighbours or have windows facing a busy street, cellular blinds are impressively effective at attenuating sound. Hello good night’s sleep, goodbye noisy neighbours!


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      Other than providing insulation, light control and privacy are also a popular drawing card for cellular blinds. Cellular blinds offer supreme privacy and versatile stack type options, from bottom up or top down. Alternatively there is also the option to choose bottom up and top down, best of both worlds we say! This means that you have maximum control of privacy and light depending on your needs. Contact our consultant if you are not sure what to pick!

      Cellular stacks are relatively small and easy to hide. This means that if you have a wonderful view that you don’t want you window treatments to obstruct, cellular blinds are the perfect solution and won’t spoil your view, due to their stack size.

      We offer two different kinds of fabric transparency to cover a variety of light control needs. Block out material is perfect for rooms that requires sunlight to be cancelled out entirely such as bedrooms and bathrooms. On the other hand, a light filter softens harsh rays.  


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      Style wise, cellular blinds are great in homes with a modern and contemporary decor. High on visual appeal, cellular blinds often another layer of texture to a room, even more so when paired with curtains.

      If you have young children and are concerned about their safety regarding low hanging blind cords, installing cellular blinds is a good way to go: these blinds are available cordless and will stay put wherever you let go. In remaining objective, the only downside to cellular blinds is that they are dust magnets and require cleaning attention.

      Cellular blinds are company, lightweight, and easy to install. We recommend a recess fit as this type of mounting position traps air more efficiently, relative to face mounting. Don’t hesitate to contact our consultant to get the best fit for your home!


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