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    • How To Clean Blinds


      How To Clean Blinds

      It’s a dreaded household chore; cleaning blinds! So, how to clean blinds without breaking them? We get it, it is time consuming and you’re not even sure you are doing it right ! We’ve got some tips for you on how to effectively clean your blinds so they look as new as the day you got them!

      Windows and blinds collect dust and debris quite easily, which may lead to discolouration. Thoroughly cleaning your blinds is rewarding in itself though, the difference a simple clean makes is remarkable.

      Whether you’ve got faux wood, wooden, fabric, aluminium or vertical blinds, we’ve got your back.


      how to clean blinds

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      How To Clean Faux Wood

      Faux wood, such as plantation shutters or venetian blinds, require relatively less care than wooden blinds and are easier to clean. The easiest way to clean them is using a vacuum. If your vacuum comes with a low setting, use that gently along with the brush attachment. Vacuum across slats, be sure to hold your blinds at the bottom to avoid them twisting or warping, especially when handling venetian blinds. Repeat the process with the blinds turned the opposite way. A hand held vacuum would also be suitable. We recommend vacuuming first to get majority of the dust off to prepare for the next stage of cleaning.  


      Alternatively (or secondly ;)), use an old sock or micro fibre cloth to clean each slat and get in those tricky and tight space, pinching each slat to pick up dust from both sides, starting from top to bottom. Especially in the kitchen where the blinds may get especially greasy and grimy, a store bought solution such as windex can be sprayed on your glove or sock and run along the blinds to pick up additional dust. If you prefer to use a more natural substance, mix a solution of half water and half vinegar in a bowl.  If you are using a cleaning solution for the first time and unsure about its suitability, do a spot check in a discreet corner to make sure it won’t leave a mark or ruin your blinds.


      How To Clean Wood Blinds

      Wooden blinds are beautiful and able to retain heat very efficiently, but need special care. For heavy duty cleaning, you can use plain water, but take care not to saturate the blinds. Water warps wood, can leave stains, and discolour your blinds. If you are using water on your wooden blinds, be sure to wipe away any excess immediately. Our wooden blinds are treated with a finish to repel dirt and stains, and can be cleaned with a soft cloth or clean sock.


      How To Clean Fabric Shades

      Your vacuum will come in handy when cleaning fabric shades, such as cellular (honeycomb) shades and roman blinds. Simply use the low setting with the dust brush attachment to get rid off dust. You can also easily keep dust away by using a hair dryer on fabric shades. Use the cool setting on your hairdryer to blow away bugs or dirt. A homemaker’s leaf blower!

      Stains or grimes can be cleaned by using a sponge or cloth dampened with warm, soapy water. Blot the area, don’t soak them, and allow to dry before raising them to avoid your fabric blinds going mouldy. Alternatively, if it is especially bad and an arduous task by hand, fabric blinds can be taken to a dry cleaner. Do not use heavy duty cleaning methods, such as scrubbing, as it may cause tears in fabric shades.


      How To Clean Aluminium Blinds

      Aluminium blinds can be easily cleaned with methods described above, such as with a cloth or old sock, or even with a vacuum, to remove dust. But if you have a whole house with aluminium blinds and the task of cleaning them seems very time consuming and onerous, there are options. You can choose to take the blinds down and let them soak in your bath tub, or hang them on an S hook in your shower or clothesline outside to hose or sponge them off. Use a soft brush or sponge to go over both sides of the blinds with warm and soapy water. Be sure to rinse away the soap to let them dry. Hang the blinds back up to allow them to completely dry before raising them. Maybe you can even wash the windows in the meantime ;).


      How To Clean Vertical Blinds

      Once again, vertical blinds can be cleaned using the methods already listed. Simply, fill a bucket with warm, soapy water and starting with a closed blind run the sponge along the length of each blind. Repeat the process with the blinds turned the opposite way. Rinse the sponge and wring out periodically to make sure you aren’t cleaning the blinds with a grimy sponge. A lint roller may also be handy to have on hand to quickly pick up dust and cobwebs.

      When dusting or vacuuming vertical blinds, brush downward only, as the slats can become unhooked if you brush upwards. Also hold onto the blind while cleaning them to avoid breaking the chain links at the bottom.


      Consider adding curtains additionally to your current window treatment situation, curtains can minimise dust from settling on blinds.



      Featured image via The Today Show Pinterest


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