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    • First Home Essentials


      Congratulations! You’ve bought your first place and are ready to make it a home. In order to make your place yours as fast as possible, it may be tempting to ring up a large credit card debt and buy an entire catalogue of furniture. However overwhelming and exciting that may be to you, there are smarter ways to go about it! From chairs to pots to a toilet roll holder, there are endless amounts of things to buy when you buy your first home, BUT there are a few essentials you really need to get you started. There are universal truths when it comes to furnishing and decorating a place; no matter who you are, everybody needs these essentials. Here is a list of essentials that covers comfort, practicality, and aesthetics.

      Firstly, figure out your budget and price range and know where to save and spend. Items such as dressers, bedside tables, and coffee tables can be purchased cheaply and are easily decorated, so don’t splash out on these items, as they are ancillary. Make sure to splurge on items that will get you the biggest bang for your buck and are durable!

      Window treatments should also form part of your basics. Privacy, maximising heat reduction, and blocking out light (especially in bedrooms!), are much needed and are practical and functional advantages of blinds, making a world of difference to the look of a room in that they cheer up the windows!

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      A good night’s sleep sets you up nicely for the day, and your living room should be a place of relaxation. So, make a bed and don’t be afraid to splash out on these items, if you feel they are the one. The average person spends about 25 hours in bed across their lifetime, so comfort and back support is something to invest in, not something to be thrifty with. It may be your first home, but choose a bed fit for a royal.


      Ultimately, your space should be a place you want to come home to. This would include the perfect couch, right? As a place of relaxation, a sofa is a welcome addition to essential items.

      Place preference on a sofa in a neutral palette (as with other larger pieces) as it is easy to work the rest of your decor around and dress up (think: throws, pillows, rugs), it will also be easy to move with you from space to space, if needed.

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      Statement Piece

      Whether it’s an outrageous piece of lighting (it’s possible), an attractive grandeur dining table, or a sleek high-tech appliance, splash out on something that you will love and use. Not only will it be a talking point, but will also be able to lighten the mood, serve a many dinner parties, or be your new kitchen mate.


      Lastly, aesthetics. While these aren’t high up on the list of essentials, they are essential for making your home warm, personal and welcoming. You don’t want your home to feel like a display home! Whether it is framing photos, adding pot plants, or some decorative pillows, there are easy ways to add colour and show some love for your new place. If space is limited, tap into a little design trick: mirrors! They make the room appear bigger and reflect more light.

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