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      By definition, a window is an opening in a wall or roof. It makes sense then that you lose and gain more heat through your windows than any other place in your house. Research affirms that up to 30% of heat in a home is wasted through bare windows (according to the National Resources Defence Council). Think of that as 30% of your power bill going out the window! Think of installing blinds as an investment, not just as a mere piece of design, but also valuable practicality. You put money in, but the return you get in summer and winter is well worth it, especially in the long run!

      Australian summers are known for their searing hot temperatures, so it’s a good idea to install blinds before summer comes around. Hot rays from the sun + glass windows = a very hot room! Essentially the glass acts like a magnifier, and will raise the mercury in a room. The solution to this is simple: blinds! There are several window treatment options you can choose from that are especially adept at making your home cooler in the summer months, without the help of air conditioners, humidifiers or fans.

      Below we’ve highlighted some products from our range that are practical and ecological ways to battle the heat, ultimately saving you dollars of your energy bill. Impressively, according to Environment Victoria, shading your windows in summer can reduce the amount of heat coming in by approximately 70-85%! Be wary of the direction your windows are facing when choosing product, colour, and fabric.


      Plantation Shutters:

      Plantation shutters are ideal, and not only for aesthetic reasons. They are an elegant solution to insulating your home, both in winter and summer. In summer you can deflect the sunshine to keep the rooms cooler, and protect your furniture and flooring from the sun’s ruthless rays. At night, when there’s a cool summer breeze it is possible to let the air flow in and adjust the shutters for maximum ventilation. As the louvers are mounted to the window frames, they won’t rattle, clang or bang in the breeze, a bonus for the security-conscious. They are versatile and suit most decors in a room, and offer a clean and consistent look throughout the home. We stock plantation shutters in PVC, for the white traditional look, or various timber colours using high heat absorbing materials.

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      Honeycomb Blinds:

      Honeycomb blinds, made from cellular fabric, are highly efficient at insulating a home. It keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter due to its hollow structure, which allows little heat to pass through the structure. Honeycomb blinds should be mounted with little room for air to move around the sides. Check out our guide on how to measure your windows for cellular shades, in order to get the perfect fit. Block out fabric offers more light control and has a greater insulating effect, and is therefore ideal for rooms that receive direct sun. Light filter fabrics are more lightweight and balance light control and heat reduction with better visibility, as they are more transparent.

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      Roller Blinds:

      Roller blinds aren’t just a pretty, minimalistic elegant sight! Manufacturers are constantly upgrading the design and technology of roller blinds, such as UV filtering and solar reflection features. That means you get a better product, a bigger bang for your buck.

      Roller blinds come in various filters, fabrics, colours and prices, are easy to clean, and not prone to mould or mildew. Blockout fabric roller blinds can block out direct sunlight and are ideal for bedrooms, theatre rooms, or any room that requires full privacy. Light filtering roller blinds can help soften the sunlight, and are good for areas that don’t require a high level of privacy but a lot of sunlight. Light filtering blinds are often paired with blockout roller blinds to ensure full privacy at night time. Blinds City’s sunscreen roller blinds block out 95% of UV rays coming in, protecting you and your furniture from the sun’s harmful rays, whilst also letting you maintain the outside view.

      In turn, in winter when you want the sun to naturally warm your home, roller blinds are easily rolled away, you can easily let the natural heat by opening binds by day to let the sun in, and close at sunset to seal the warm air.

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