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    • Dressing Your Room With Sheer Curtains


      Sheer fabrics bare it all. On the runway, sheer garments are alluring, daring, and sexy. From white blouses with sheer cut outs, to sports luxe items, to layered maxi dresses, sheer fabrics are a huge trend in 2016. As customary, home décor trends take a cue from popular fashion statements and have produced a gain in popularity for sheer curtains. Adding a transparent layer softens a room, and makes it feel airy and light. Compared to traditional curtains or drapes, they are less heavy, and have a lighter presence. Sheer curtains present an alluring aesthetic, and is a welcome, stylish addition to any home.

      Sheer curtains are your friend if you want to make a room appear brighter and bigger. Sheer curtains let in diffused light and blur the edges of the windows, making them appear larger. Fabrics are available in a variety of patterns, colours, textures, and transparency to allow you to customise the look you want for your home. Don’t be afraid to play with multiple layers!


      Image from the Nester blog.

      Sheer fabrics and blinds are like peas in a pod. They complement each other, creating the ultimate window treatment. From roller blinds, to plantation shutters, to roman blinds, blinds are versatile in pairing with sheer fabrics. Sheer curtains and blinds are a perfect in-between for controlling light and privacy. Whilst sheer curtains won’t be very effective in terms of heat control by itself, adding blinds will make your home more energy efficient.


      At Blinds City, we love the Scandinavian minimalistic look and find that white, sheer curtains are perfect when paired with all white walls. Choosing fabrics in similar shades, tricks the eye into thinking the room is bigger. Sheer curtains are also perfect in children’s rooms, in pastel hues. Without blinds, the light will be filtered through the sheer curtains, giving the room a fun, subtle coloured light.


      It is (relatively) easy to install sheer curtains yourself. It is possible to DIY the curtains by sewing them yourself or bought ready to hang. If this all seems too labour-intensive for you or too complex, but you want customised, high quality sheer curtains, give our friends at a visit. They will find you the best quote from a qualified craftsman to do the work for you.


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