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    • DIY Projects: Kid’s Room




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      DIY Project: Kid’s Room

      As kids grow, so should their rooms. Their rooms reflect their unique personalities and interests. A DIY project is a fun way to update their room and give it a personable touch. There are lots of cool pieces you can buy in store, but creating something for your kid’s room will be so much more special! The key to organising the chaos that is cleaning up all the ‘stuff’ kids acquire is to make a home for every toy, shoe, and stuffed animal. As inspired by Scandinavian style guide of functionality and simplicity, we focus on looks that incorporate smart storage solutions. Here are a few of our favourite projects that are totally do-able, and will save you time and money.


      Fron Sunshine on the Inside Blog


      If you have an excess of books, lack of storage, or just want a better display easy for reading time, consider adding racks or shelves to display books on an empty wall. By having books out, instead of tucked away, your kids may be enticed to read more! If you don’t have the wall space, think about hanging some racks on the back of closet or room doors- it will feel like they have their own library!

      Chalkboard paint: is a fun way to let your kid’s creativity loose. Whether it’s an entire wall, a stand-alone frame, or even their headboard, this is a fun and easy way to personalise your kid’s room.

      Unique walls: whether it’s making your own garlands from paper or flowers, adding decals, prints, or framing handmade art work is a sure fire way to have a totally unique wall.


      Image From Keeping Up With South Blog

      If your little one loves to play with toy cars, then this is a perfect tip for showing off his hot wheels and cleaning up! Add a magnetic strip to the wall (such as a magnetic knife holder), and metal cars will stick to it. This is the perfect solution to mix décor and organisation to a room.


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      Beds are a great storage area… under it! Keep mess off the floor and out of sight, using a space that’s usually left to collect dust. Look for solutions with wheels on the bottom so items such as toys, sheets, and shoes that can be rolled away easily!


      Image From Mommo Design Blog

      This clever storage idea uses shoe organisers on the back of a door to store all those stuffed toys! There are many more hacks to storing away all those plushes, such as a net, scarf hangers, or making a swing! Get creative!

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