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      By ordering your blinds online, you’re already taking a big step to making your blinds truly yours. If you’re redecorating, building or renovating your house, look into buying your blinds online – it’s much more affordable (as it cuts out the middleman), a DIY challenge, and an opportunity to add a personal touch. You take the blinds from start to finish as you measure, order and install! We understand that this may sound tricky, impossible, or demanding. But, trust us, it’s possible and very rewarding! We’re going to take you through the steps of installing roller blinds – very effective and basic installation!


      Why should you think about roller blinds?

      Most new builders require standard roller blinds window treatments, so it’s a great project to get your hands on! They’re great for any room in the house – easy to clean and moisture resistant for bathrooms and kitchens. Aesthetically, they are very versatile, able to match the decoration very well and offer a very minimalistic, clean look.Once you have decided the fabric and colour of your roller blinds, you can customise your roller blinds based on your needs via installation. Options include: inside or outside mounting position, control position left or right, front or back fabric roll direction, and options to motorise via battery or hardwired, or not at all. We’ll take a closer look at each;

      Inside mount installation is installed inside the window frame, with a small gap between the edge of the shade and window frame, and is positioned close to the glass. This type of installation emphasises the actual size of your window, and provides more of a clean look, and is especially effective when the window has a deep frame.

      On the other hand, outside mount installation is suitable when windows are curved, frames are too shallow or unattractive. Mounted on window frame itself or above, these roller blinds provide greater privacy, light control and make a window appear longer and wider.

      Either inside or outside mounted roller blinds can reduce heat loss by about 25%!


      From Pinterest. Note the inside mount installation, providing a clean look.



      You can increase the effectiveness of roller blinds by installing two shades – inside and outside mount. Best of both worlds! Image from Pinterest


      Control position (left or right) needs to take into account whether there are any objects or furniture in the way that may give preference to one side. If you have two roller blinds next to each other, for example a balcony window and door, don’t position the control cord in the middle, but on the outside.


      Whilst hanging toilet paper front or back, is completely up to personal preference, hanging blinds is a different game, based on technicalities. A front roll hides the roll at the top of the window and gives a more finished look. This is a good option if you have window handles, or objects on the window sill such as plants. However, this leaves much larger gaps between the window and the blind, reducing the potential energy efficiency benefits roller blinds provide. A back roll sits much closer to the window, meaning much better heat and energy reflection properties roller blinds are known for, and blocks the most light and as such is recommended for shallow and smaller window spaces.


      Options to motorise roller blinds are entirely up to how much you want to get up in the morning. Kidding. Maybe. But most importantly, budget. Motorised blinds, whether hardwired or battery operated are price-y but make up for it with ease and convenience.


      We hope this helps! Customising your roller blinds online has never been easier! If you need any help with ordering, measuring, and installation, give us a call on 1300 055 888 or chat online! If you have any special requests, we can make that happen.

      We’ve recently teamed up with, who are able to source a registered tradie who is able to measure and install your blinds if you have any doubts.

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