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    • Best Blinds for Wet Areas


      Are you looking for blinds for your kitchen, bathroom or laundry? It can be difficult choosing blinds for windows in wet areas as there is privacy, light and style to consider along with moisture and airflow. Here are some recommendations from the Blinds City team to ensure you have the right blinds for the right room.

      For kitchens, the general rule is to keep it simple.

      If you are looking for blinds that are near the sink or stove then Planation Shutters or PVC Venetian blinds are worth considering. These blinds are not easily damaged by steam, moisture or water. They are also super easy to clean and very durable.

      With regards to other windows around the room, the size of the window is perhaps the next consideration. In general, Roman and Twin Blinds work well in kitchens and are a great solution enhancing the look and style of the room. Even celebrities such as Taylor Swift have featured them in their personal kitchen.

      For a bathroom application we recommend Plantation Shutters or PVC Venetian blinds.

      Even if they are not directly next to a shower or sink, bathrooms tend to gain steam and moisture, which makes most fabric, blinds unsuitable. Plantation Shutters or PVC Venetian blinds also offer privacy when closed.

      We note that there are some options with Roller Blinds, which allows for loads of natural light and they offer a timeless classic look. We are happy to provide suggestions, just ask. (link to contact page).

      Laundries generally allow for more choice, however it will depend on the size of the room and window, there is much more room for creativity! However, If there is a shower installed in the laundry, it will lead back to the use of Plantation Shutters and PVC Venetian blinds, or if the window is directly near a water source.

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