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    • August Feature Blinds: Roman Blinds


      Roman blinds, the all-time, enduring favourite. Fun fact: it’s origins are ancient. In ancient Rome, Romans dipped sheets of fabric into water to keep dust from construction works at bay, to keep out prying eyes, and was an early form of A/C, that we know and love now (source: Sunway). Nowadays, it is the perfect window treatment option to make a home feel like an actual home, and adds a soft touch to a space.


      Why choose roman blinds?

      When mounted as a face fit, roman blinds can provide maximum heat reduction benefits for your home, saving you heaps on energy bills! Low maintenance in nature, they are a easy to install and maintain. A quick brush or wipe down is all that is required. They make our job easy, in that they sell themselves!


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      Recommended fit?

      We recommend a face fit, for both aesthetic and functional reasons. This means that the blinds are mounted outside of the window, ensuring that no light seeps out between the gap of the window and blind, minimises fading of material (as it hangs further from the window), and is also a much crisper look than a recess fit. Also, it is much easier to install, as a face fit has more flexible sizing. When installing roman blinds yourself (DIY for the win!) this type of fit has much more flexible sizing.



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      Roman blinds are a modern and elegant window treatment option. Blinds are raised fold by fold, creating a soft and romantic effect. The draping fabric resembles curtains more than any other type of blinds. Available in various colours, roman blinds work well in many spaces, from a small bathroom window o a wide living room window. . Roman blinds instantly add personality to your interior, making it appear finish (even if it’s not, hah!).


      At we offer free samples, so you can be sure to be confident with your choice of fabric and colour. By choosing a neutral shade your romans are sure to blend with any changes you make to your interior, works with all seasons, and will stay current for a long time.  


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      Type of fabrics available?

      At we offer two types of fabrics; blockout and light filtering fabrics. Black out filter is best for areas that require greater privacy, light and glare deduction, such as in bedrooms and TV rooms. This filter comes in four fabrics (Balmoral, Barbados, Riviera, and Sanctuary), and various colours. Light filtering fabric roman blinds are suitable for casual living areas where privacy isn’t the top priority, but comfort is. Light filtering fabric achieves both soft look and great economy and is available in Balmoral and Riviera fabric collection, in a range wonderful colours.


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