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    • Affordable Blinds To Give Your Home The Expensive Scandinavian Look

      Affordable Blinds To Give Your Home The Expensive Scandinavian Look

      Always admired the chic, flawless display rooms at Ikea? They are reminiscent of Scandinavian dexterity that focuses on sleek clean lines, a crisp neutral palette, and natural, organic materials. Simplicity, minimalism and functionality are features of this style, as well as airy and well-lit spaces.

      Ideally, the amount of natural light coming in is maximised, as our Scandinavian friends tend to have long, dark winters. However, when privacy is required and leaving your windows bare is not an option, there are plenty of alternatives to still achieve the Scandi, minimalistic, light look.
      Contradictory to the belief that trendy interior looks require big investment, we’re a big believer in affordable designing. Below are some of our favourite ideas on how you could give your home the Scandinavian look with just window treatments (without breaking the bank).

      1.   Roller blinds

      Roller Blinds are the ideal choice of window treatment in a Scandinavian styled home, if any. Unlike curtains, roller blinds can be pulled up completely when they’re not needed and do not take up a lot of room; obstructing the window view minimally. The scandinavian style is defined by minimalism, and roller blinds are a go-to answer for an affordable, safe, and easy solution for any newcomer wanting to style their home sandi style. It’s also a two in one advantage – most builders require roller blinds window treatments as a standard, so you’re meeting a building requirement without sacrificing style.

      When choosing roller blinds stick with white or near white colours if going for the scandinavian style. White roller blinds will blend in more easily in a Scandinavian inspired room of neutral colours, and will still allow some light to penetrate even when closed. Check out our custom made roller blinds available in sunscreen, light filter, and block out  fabrics in Pearl (Balmoral), Bone (Empire), and Pumice (Barbados) here.

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      1.    Shutters

      Shutters are also an attractive option to answering the Scandinavian styling rule of clean, elegant, simple shapes, and functional décor. Scandinavian climate of short days, means a lack of natural light during the long winter months. In fact, Sweden’s shortest day is 6 hours! The interiors work with what they’ve got- maximising natural light when they have it, neutral open spaces, soft light colours and lots of white surfaces.
      Full window shutters allow lots of light to come into the room, while also protecting furniture and floors from sun damage and are one the best options for insulating your home. Compared to minimalistic and sleek roller blinds, shutters offer a romantic touch to your home’s interior. The horizontal lines of the shutters answer the Scandinavian brief of clean, sleek lines perfectly. Shutters are custom made to meet your needs, and are available in PVC or timber here.

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      1.     Roman Blinds

      A truly Scandinavian home is very liveable. In Australia heat reduction and privacy may be a higher priority than in traditional Scandinavian territory. If you’re after more privacy and want to maximise heat reduction as provided by window treatments, take a look at roman blinds, also popular in many Scandinavian homes. Although they take up more room, they do offer a minimalistic touch on window treatments. Take a look at Pearl (Balmoral) and Pumice (Barbados) in our neutral inspired collection, as a source of inspiration to channel the classic Scandi colour palette of neutral hues.

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