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    • About Us

      Blinds City was born out of 10 years passion for window treatments and our belief in true customer power!

      Blinds City Team has been working in the window treatment industry since 2006, involving in both the manufacturing and retailing side. It was during this time that the Team observed the 40 years old industry and its lack of innovation in its distribution model. The result of this traditional business model is customers always ending up paying more for very limited options.

      Blinds City was found with one goal – to solve this existing problem for customers and introduce more choices, high quality window furnishings at never-seen-before prices.

      Our efficient business model with an online retail approach allows us to deliver high quality window treatment products around the world to our customer’s door steps. This means that our customers pay the closet cost to the product itself, cutting down all the traditional middlemen such as warehouse and showroom rental.

      Our hope is to help you build the perfect window look, and have fun while doing so.

      • Style: We believe that window treatments can add just as much personality to your home as any other items. This is why we constantly work with interior designers to spot upcoming trends and handpick each collection around the world, so it is easier for you to make your style statement.
      • Made to suit your needs: We understand that every home is different. So are your windows. We make customisation order so easy, the hardest question you have to answer is what style to best suit your home’s personality. The installation is simple, but the possibilities are endless.
      • Smart Window: The smart trick is to make your window treatments work harder to fit your needs – from saving on energy, child safety, pain proof to motorisation (so you don’t always have to ask someone else to do it).

      What we’re promising you:

      • Unbeatable price: We understand that when you shop online, affordability is expected, not an offering. So we created a pricing model that beats any offer you have in Australia. Simply send us your written quotations and the rest will be taken care of by our team. And if you’re still not happy with our price? Jump on our website and give us an offer!
      • High quality: Price doesn’t always go hand-in-hand with quality and smart customers know this. Our collection goes under extensive quality checking process, and our secret is really hand-picking our window treatment products around the world. We’d love to have you coming back often but our blinds are built to last, with 5 years warranty.
      • Extensive varieties: Our experience in the blind manufacturing industry allows us to have an extensive list of trusted suppliers. And by removing the cost of a showroom, we are able to invest in adding more style options for your home’s needs.  

      If you have any question, do reach out to us via email, or our assistant on the page.

      We hope your search for the perfect window treatments with us will be enjoyable!

Blinds City

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