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    • 2017; New Year, New Trends, New Blinds Inspirations.

      2017 Trend colours

      2017; new year, new trends. As with any design field, interior design is always changing. It is constantly embracing new trends with open arms, whilst others simply fade. If you’re looking at sprucing up your pad with some of biggest and most popular trends from this year, we’ve put together some of our favourites to help you out.

      Always remember though, individuality is the real trend! Take the trends that appeal to you and put your own spin on it, you can pull off any trend if it reflects you.

      1.     GREENS

      Shades of green are the hype of 2017, according to the colour masters at Pantone. Shades of green are popping up in all parts of the home, from lounges to cabinets to entire walls. A dark green provides perfect backdrop for tan leather sofas or a white faux fur rug. Green represents freshness and revitalisation and in today’s world that is a welcome feeling! If committing to a bold green is a little daunting, look at adding some green with artwork and plants and other accessories.


      Via H&M Home Pinterest


      1.     VELVET

      Our obsession with bringing back trends from the 90s and noughties continues this year. 2017 is bringing velvet back! Bed heads, sofas, pillows; you name it, it goes ! Well, almost. From light rose to deep emeralds, it’s on the rise. The best part ? The soft, velvety texture is (surprisingly) easy to clean. We love!


      Via Natural Mavens Pinterest


      1.     NATURAL TONES

      A continuation of 2016 colour trends, natural tones are here to stay yet in darker hues than we’re used to. The trend has expanded in 2017 with olive, terracotta, mauve and mustard shades taking our top pick. In particular, indigo is taking a huge leap. Featured in furniture and textiles, incorporating these colours is a sure fire way to spruce up your pad.


      Via The Life Creative Blog Pinterest


      1.     MOTIFS

      According to the Chinese calendar, 2017 is the year of the rooster. In the interior design world though, 2017 is the year of the butterfly. Say goodbye to pineapples, because butterflies are taking over! Whether it’s through textiles or artwork or any other accessory, the butterfly motif is strong this year.


      Via Elle Decor Pinterest



      Hints of natural woods and finishes adds warmth and texture into a home. In 2017, raw earthy textures are overtaking materials such as marble. The tranquillity of having the outdoors is undeniable. A piece of wood gives a room character, grounds a space and absorbs noise. This trend has always been around, but in 2017 the interior design world is embracing it even more so. In our Blinds City plantation shutter collection, we love the ‘Maple’ and ‘Cedar IM’ timber shades, an easy way to incorporate this striking trend into your home.


      Via One Kings Lane Pinterest

      Cover Image: H&M Home Pinterest

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