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    • 10 Ways To Update Your Kitchen In A Weekend


      Tired of the look and feel of your kitchen? We’ve all been there before. Money and/or time may be holding you back, but it is possible to freshen and spruce up your kitchen easily. We’re not talking a complete haul over, or suggesting you should run to IKEA and order an entire new kitchen. But, if your kitchen is in need of some TLC and you need some inspiration on how to update your kitchen, over a weekend, on any budget, here’s 10.

      1.    Paint

      If your kitchen is looking weary, a lick of paint might just be what it needs! A new coat of paint does wonders. Whether it’s the same colour (a fresh white always looks good), or if you’re branching out with a new colour it’s guaranteed to freshen up and change the look of your kitchen. Colour trend forecasters have predicted a large use of whites and greys for this year. However, if you want to liven your kitchen up with some feature colours, go for soft blues and sage greens.

      1.  Online Budget Building Materials

      The Internet is a huge resource to find cheap ‘stuff’, right at your fingertips. Not only can you find second-hand furniture and appliances, scouring gumtree, and other online market places you may be able to source materials such as vintage timber flooring or cabinetry handles in perfect condition, in your local area. It goes to say that these items are bound to be budget friendly. The Internet is your DIY-self-but-constrained-by-money’s friend.

      1.  Use Roman Shades

      The look of a room, never mind a kitchen, is impacted by window treatments and window frames. It is easy to paint crusty window frames to instantly change the look of your kitchen. Window treatments also add a finished look. Our favourite to add a homely, soft and warm touch to the kitchen is roman shades. At Blinds City, we make it easy to customise and order window blinds online. The fun part is the installation. It’s an easy enough project, which you won’t need a whole weekend for.

      1.   Add New Hardware

      Hardware refers to the knobs, pulls and handles, and are one of the easiest and most worthwhile ways to subtly update the look of your kitchen. They are a fun way to tap into 2016’s trend  of adding metallic touches of gold, brass, and copper to your home. Be wary to count the quantity of hardware you’re switching, it can quickly add up if you have a lot of cabinetry! A project very much do-able over a weekend.

      1. Simple Shelves

      A kitchen is one of those places in a house that always requires more storage. Adding simple shelves (think, shelf + brackets) is an easy and affordable DIY project. If your kitchen cabinetry looks monotonous and clinical, add shelving to break it up, and consider timber shelves to give your kitchen an earthy feel. It becomes functional when it is a display of everyday dishes, such as mugs and plates, and is therefore a practical solution to always have the simple things at hand. Spruce it up with attractive display of plants (or potted herbs to add to the functionality), stacked books, or store everyday pantry items such as muesli in pretty mason jars.

      1.  Remove Upper Cabinet Doors

      Removing upper kitchen cabinets is a bold move, but one that opens up the space in a kitchen- adding a sense of spaciousness. All you have to do is unscrew the doors, and fill and paint the holes. Hang onto the cabinet doors in case you want to switch back to cabinet doors later down the track. Be wary that this may force you to part with unsightly pots and pans, or stash them in other cupboards.


      1.   Paint the inside of your cabinets

      This takes the idea of removing your cabinet doors one step further. You can add a fun pop of colour in the cabinets and open cabinets- it will be a welcome splash of colour and can be either something bright, or align with the rest of the kitchen colour palette. Check out pioneer Elsie from the A Beautiful Mess blog post.



      1. Chalkboards

      Chalkboards are a fun way to draw some personality into your kitchen. You can cover an old fridge, by lightly sanding it first, and then giving it two coats of chalkboard paint – back to being old school! A great idea for communication inspiring quotes, doodles, menu ideas, grocery lists, and appointment reminders. If you’re attached to your fridge, and not ready for it to be a canvas of drawings, or are renting, invest in a large chalkboard that can be hung, or placed on the kitchen benchtop.

      1. Treat Yourself To New Dishes

      Open shelving and cabinetry can be taken as an opportunity to display your dishes as a display of art. New dishes can lift your kitchen and mood (hello, retail therapy), in order to show your guests your kitchen paraphernalia. Whether it’s a set of classic white dishes, fun geometric prints, or quirky mismatched market finds, it works if it’s your style.

      1. Replace Your Tap Ware

      It’s actually easy to replace tap ware in a kitchen, and the results are stunning! Just like changing kitchen hardware, switching up the tap ware you can tap (pun intended) into the recent trend of metallic touches popular in 2016, or even go for matte black tap ware. You don’t need a plumber to complete this job, just make sure to turn off the hot water cylinder and water supply.

      WARNING: you may end up wanting to update everything that isn’t looking fresh and new, once you start you won’t be able to stop!

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