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    • 10 Things Every 20s Something Can Afford In Their First Place

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      Now that you’re in your 20s, owning your first place is an exciting feat. No longer slumming it up in dorms, mooching off parents, or paying rent to a landlord, but having a place to call your own! Gone are the days of posters tacked on your wall, tiny single beds and living in a room big enough for a small car. Your first place marks a step towards being a proper adult!

      Being in your 20s may mean your wallet isn’t as fat and juicy as you’d like, but we’ve sorted out the tricks in how you can spruce up your pad to be a relaxing space to kick back in. You may not have the big bucks or a tonne of space to spare, but the right home accessories can make a big impact and still show off your unique style.
      Here are ten tips on how to deliver a lot, from a little.

      1. Rugs

      Rugs are one of the most impactful statement pieces you can add to really help pull a space together. They have the power to totally transform a space from the ground up ands set the tone for the entire room, complementing your colour palette.  While rugs are a must for a stylish living room, bedroom or dining room, they should match the style and size of the space. Don’t be afraid to go larger in size, and bolder in print.
      This year we’ve noticed a trend in monochrome, indigo, geometric, and tribal patterned rugs. Once again, don’t be afraid to splash out with some colour; bright pieces add life to a room!

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      1. Throws and Blankets

      Throws and blankets are an affordable option to add some warmth (quite literally) and texture to your living room. Faux fur or eclectic patterned throws add depth, makes a fun and exciting statement and makes the space feel liveable and cosy, all within arm’s reach.
      For example a chunky, double knit woven blankets works as both a decorative and functional item, adding flair and is a subtle nod to the popular minimalist trend. Faux fur is an indulgent way to add chicness and elegance to a room, and as with clothing trends, are popular in 2016.

      3. Queen Bed

      A queen (and even a king for that matter) needs a queen bed. You’re an adult now and you’ve probably outgrown your single bed; time to upgrade! Also, buying a decent mattress is a smart investment as a night of high quality rest is something you will grow to cherish. If you’re not sleeping well, you probably won’t enjoy your new place either.

      4. Window Treatments

      Window dressing is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to refresh a space. Window treatments are necessary for privacy, and will make your whole place look finished, even when it isn’t. Practical benefits such as privacy, light control, and heat reduction benefit (which will save you $$$ on energy bills, bonus!) is standard, but blinds can add character to a room without breaking the bank. With the advent of online blinds store, customisation of window treatments has never been easier and more affordable!

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      From Pinterest

      1. Plants

      Plants can instantly bring life to a space. Whether it’s pots on a shelf, a plant stand or in clusters, indoor plants, of any kind, add natural light, improve the perceived value of spaces, and look great! Try succulents or cacti if you’re after low maintenance – hard to kill even if you don’t have a green thumb.

      6. Mirrors

      Mirrors can transform a space, especially if it’s small! It makes the most of the natural light available, sneakily suggests that there is more room than there actually is, and adds volume to décor. A totally affordable way to add drama and elegance to any room! There are many different varieties for your mirror options, play around with them and visualise how they work with the rest of your decor. The height, shape and size play a huge factor on the overall effect.

              7. Lights

      Whether it’s adding freestanding lamps and shades or replacing lighting fixtures, adding mood and ambient lighting it’s a sure-fire way to brighten up the mood of any room and improve the look of the interior design. Good news, nice lighting is easy to get hold of and install, even when you’re low on coin.


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      1. Smart Storage Solutions

      Your first place may not be the mansion or penthouse of your dreams, but when space is limited get crafty with your storage solutions. Maximise living space by de-cluttering and utilising unused areas for storage. For example, the space under your bed shouldn’t just be a dust collector, pick up some handy storage bins that can be rolled under your bed! Leaving your clutter behind closed doors and keeping a tidy living room, will also help your place be more relaxing.

      9. Artwork

      Artwork is a fun and unique way to spice up your first place. Let your art collection grow with you! A fabulous piece of art can set the mood for an entire space. And it does not have to be expensive. Affordable options, such as prints, are available to transform the dullest wall into a reflection of your style and personality. Alternatively, scour Pinterest for inspiration for DIY projects that will totally be your own, or hit up Etsy for small-time artists.

      1. Candles

      Ever since the dawn of time, candles have been synonymous with passion, relaxation and romance. Whether it’s tea lights, chandeliers or lanterns, candles are great at creating a mood that is inviting, appealing and romantic. All at the strike of a match.


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